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Probably one of the first things you learn when you start driving is that it's very important that you maintain the vehicle and change its oil on a regular basis so it can continue working perfectly. However, if that rule always left you wondering how you would determine when to provide a replacement, don't worry. This post is here to answer your question!

How to Determine if Your Engine Needs a Synthetic Oil Change in Allentown

You Haven't Changed It in Over a Certain Amount of Miles

This first tip may seem a little bit vague, but that's because it is. While it is true that you need to change your synthetic oil after a certain amount of miles, the number will depend largely on your vehicle, the condition it is in, how you treat it, where you use it, etc. For that reason, we recommend that you go to a professional mechanic who can give you a more precise number. When they do, remember to stick to this rule, as your oil may begin to thin out and become ineffective after some use.

More Than Twelve Months Have Passed

Time can also have a say in how effective your oil is, which is why, if you can't remember the last time you replaced the synthetic oil, or if you know that it's been over a year, your engine may be due some fresh, new oil. As a tip, we suggest that you start documenting each of your vehicle's oil replacement (whether it's in a notebook, in your phone, etc.) with the date and how many oil bottles you used, so you can keep track of them accurately and care for your engine better.

The Oil is Now Dark, Dirty, and Gritty

When you first buy oil, you can see that it has a yellowish/light brown tint to it, and that its texture is smooth and even. However, after it's been circulating around your engine for a while, it starts to pick up dust and dirt particles. This results in the oil turning a darker color and having a rough, gritty texture. As you can imagine, this isn't good: dirty, old oil can actually create more friction within the engine, accelerating its wear process, and damaging its components. If the oil in your engine has these characteristics, change it as soon as possible. If it's time for a synthetic oil change in Allentown, know that Bronson Distributors works with AMSOIL's full line of top quality products, which can guarantee that your engine will perform as you need it to. Call (570) 309-2102 for more information on the best synthetic oil in Allentown.

It's Not at the Proper Levels

Too little oil in your vehicle can lead to trouble, as it means that your engine isn't being properly lubricated and protected. That's why it's crucial that you inspect your oil on a regular basis, and ensure that it's at the desired levels. If you find that this is not the case, take care of the problem immediately and refill the oil. However, if that situation arises, keep an eye out, as it is possible that oil is leaking out. If you want, you can take your vehicle to a mechanic just to be sure that nothing's wrong with it.

Your Vehicle is Telling You It Needs New Oil

This is the most obvious sign of all: your vehicle is telling you that it needs new oil. Now, this can happen in a few different ways. For starters, it may be that the "check engine" or "oil" sign in your dashboard has lit up, which probably means that your engine is getting thirsty. Furthermore, you may also be able to notice if your vehicle needs new oil if it starts making unusual noises or has become jumpier than usual. Whatever the case may be, make sure to replace the oil promptly to see if that fixes the issues. If it doesn't, take your vehicle to a mechanic who can evaluate it and provide the necessary repairs.

Contact Bronson Distributors if Your Engine is Due an Effective Synthetic Oil Change in Allentown

Remember that if you want to keep your engine working properly, you should replace its oil whenever it needs it. Still, if you want to ensure your engine will be good as new for a longer period of time, use only the best products for it. Call Bronson Distributors at (570) 309-2102 if you require some guidance on which AMSOIL products could benefit your vehicle the most. You can also visit their online store if you're ready to make an order on the most effective synthetic oil in Allentown.


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