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With the hot, summer months just up ahead, it's likely that you'll start seeing more and more overheated engines stranded on the road. If you want to know what you can do if that situation knocks on your door, below you'll find a general guide on how you can handle an overheated car engine effectively.

How to Deal with an Overheated Engine with Help from the Synthetic Oil Experts in Luzerne County

Try Your Best to Avoid an Overheated Engine

As we're approaching summer and the temperatures are steadily rising, you can bet that your vehicle's chances of overheating are increasing as well. If you want to thwart off that annoying and stressful occurrence during the hotter days, there are a few measures you can take. For example, something as simple as parking in the shade or using sun shades in your vehicle can make a huge difference in your engine's temperature. Likewise, not over-packing the car will also help keep the engine cool. Moreover, if you want to be really cautious (which you should be), it's a good idea to store a bottle of coolant in your vehicle, so you can use it if the cooling system is failing at regulating the engine's temperature.

React Accordingly to Rising Temperatures

It may be that one hot day, you're happily driving down the road, when you start noticing that your vehicle is getting overheated (to know that, look at the temperature gauge every so often). If that's the case, you need to act fast and appropriately to keep the situation from becoming a full-blown disaster. The first thing you can do is turn off the AC system in your vehicle and roll the windows down. This simple trick can allow the engine to rest and breathe a little bit, so it can keep driving you. Unfortunately, this method won't work 100% of the time. If you notice that it isn't, opt for blasting the heater in your vehicle. While this may seem like a crazy idea (especially during summer), it will let out some of the heat in the engine.

Help Your Engine Keep Going

In the point above, it's noted that you should let your engine rest and breathe for a little bit if you want to keep it from overheating further and shutting down. Still, if you aren't able to find a suitable spot to park it in and allow it to cool down, you can try some alternatives to take some of the weight off its shoulders. As you may know, having your vehicle stop and go constantly requires serious engine power. For that reason, to help your engine, you should go at a steady, slow pace that doesn't add more stress to it. If possible, you may even want to set your vehicle to "Neutral" (for instance, when stuck in traffic), so that your engine isn't wasting energy when it should be resting. If you want to have a powerful and resistant engine, feed it the best synthetic oil in Luzerne County. Call Bronson Distributors at (570) 309-2102 for more information on how the continued use of AMSOIL can benefit your vehicle and wallet.

Pour More Coolant into the Reservoir

Being prepared for this type of situation is the best way to ensure you'll handle it effectively. For that reason, in the first tip, we recommended that you keep a bottle of coolant in your vehicle, as you will need it to complete this step; but, we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves. First of all, you should take the first chance you get at parking your vehicle on the side of the road. Once you have pulled over, turn it off and pop the hood open. Doing so will let some of the heat get out from under there, as well as help the engine receive some fresh air to cool down. After you've waited long enough to ensure that the engine is cooler (you'll need to wait close to 30 minutes), you'll have to check the reservoir. If you notice that it's missing some coolant, now you can pour the bottle in. Before you leave, make sure to close the reservoir and close the hood.

Keep Your Engine Powerful with the Most Effective Synthetic Oil in Luzerne County

Be sure that with Bronson Distributors, you'll find products that will keep your vehicle in perfect shape (so much so that you may even end up saving money on its maintenance in the long run). Call (570) 309-2102 for more information about their products, or purchase the best synthetic oil in Luzerne County through their online store.


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