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Extending the life of your vehicle only requires investing extra time and maintenance in this asset. However, it's relatively easy forgetting about simple chores that can prevent many potential problems and maintain your car's value. For this reason at Bronson Distributors in Pittston we would like to share useful tips on this topic.

Increase Your Vehicle's Life

Regular Maintenance and Check-Ups

Knowing your vehicle is the first step to extend its life. Keep in mind that you should take time to read the owner's manual, where you will find out how to maintain your car and keep track of the maintenance schedule.

Change the Oil

We can't overstate the importance of having fresh oil in your engine, as it removes sludge and other particles that can cause serious damage. Make sure to change it according to the maintenance schedule and don't forget to inspect your coolant levels.

Keep Your Car Clean

You should also wash your car on a regular basis to keep the finish in perfect condition. Also, remember to park your car in the shade or store it and don't forget to vacuum the interior. There are many benefits of performing these tasks on a regular basis, as they can prevent accidents, breakdowns and maintain the resale value of your vehicle. Also, be sure to read our guide to drive your car safely.

Synthetic Oil in Pittston

Fresh oil will improve your engine's performance and reduce excessive wear in its moving parts. If you are looking for AMSOIL Oil in Pittston, at Bronson Distributors we will be glad to help you finding the right product for your vehicle. Please call (570) 309-2102 to place an order.


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