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Maintaining Your Motorcycle

Summer offers you great driving conditions to perform that trip you had in mind. Just remember that proper maintenance is crucial to avoid any accidents and breakdowns. That's why at Bronson Distributors in Pittston we would like to share helpful maintenance tips.

Inspect the Tires

Make sure to have a tire pressure gauge to check your tires when you fill your tank. Remember to inflate your tires according to the owner's manual. Keep in mind that this simple detail will improve your bike's handling and fuel efficiency.

Check the Chain

Your chain also requires regular maintenance and it should have the right tension, as it should never be too tight or too loose. It's recommended that you lubricate your chain after every ride and make sure to remove any grease buildup.

Change the Oil

Motor oil has many functions and cleansing and reducing excessive wear in your engine are some of the most important.  That's why you should change it according to the maintenance schedule of your motorcycle and don't forget to check the filter. You still have a few weeks to hit the road before the temperatures start to drop, so don't forget to perform these simple chores before your trip. If you are taking your car, don't forget that your vehicle also requires maintenance, so be sure to read our guide on this topic.

Synthetic Oil in Pittston

Keep in mind that using synthetic oil in your vehicle is very important to allow it perform properly under high temperatures. If you are looking for AMSOIL Oil in Pittston, you can trust Bronson Distributors. Call (570) 309-2102 to find out more about our products.


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