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How to Protect Your High-RPM Engine

While it is a great activity in the warmer weather, the benefits of owning an ATV mean you can get out and enjoy the outdoors in all weather conditions. In this post, Bronson Distributors in Pittston has some information about how to prevent potential engine damage.

The Effects of Extreme Engine Stress

As high-rpm engines run, such as those found in ATVs,  the churning activities performed by your engine parts combined with elevated heat levels causes a break down of inferior lubricant by tearing apart its molecular structure. In addition to this, as your lubricant is constantly being forced through small openings in your engine impacts the viscosity level of your lubricant. Oil that has been broken down or lost its viscosity can drastically affect its ability to protect and lubricate your engine.

The Need to Perform in Varying Condition Seasons

A great benefit of owning an ATV is its usability in different terrain and conditions, however it is this versatility that brings its own lubricant requirement challenges.  Many models that are operated where climate conditions can vary greatly require oils with a broad viscosity rating. While it can be easy to presume that using an oil with a high viscosity will  provide increased protection, using the incorrect lubricant can result in an increase in fluid friction and a reduction in fuel efficiency.

Finding the Best Synthetic Oil for Your Engine

Finding  the perfect oil for your engine and needs is as easy as speaking with a synthetic oil expert here at Bronson Distributors in Pittston on 570 309 2102 about which AMSOIL synthetic oil is suited to your needs. Don't forget to check out our online store for more information about our range of products.


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