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Riding on your motorcycle means that you're exposed to the conditions around you. For that reason, it's imperative that said conditions are favorable so you can have an enjoyable ride. As you can imagine, this can be difficult during winter, when the cold weather can make you freeze over if you ride your motorcycle. If you won't be using your motorcycle until next spring, here are a few tips on how you can winterize it and store it properly.

How to Winterize and Store Your Motorcycle

Help the Fuel Out

The fact that your motorcycle will go unused for a long period of time can actually affect many of its components and substances. For example, the fuel in it will go over some changes in its consistency that will render it useless and that can actually damage your motorcycle. To keep that from happening, however, you have the option to use a fuel stabilizer in the motorcycle's gas tank. Doing so means you won't have drain out and refill the tank once spring arrives again.

Replace the Synthetic Oil and the Oil Filter

While you're working on maintaining your motorcycle so it can endure the winter months perfectly, you should consider replacing the synthetic oil and oil filter in it (if you haven't done it for a long time). This is because the synthetic oil and its filter help keep your motorcycle's engine protected and running smoothly, but they need to be replaced every so often. This is a crucial maintenance task, since neglecting it can wreak havoc on your engine and its components. A quick tip you can use is to turn on your motorcycle for a couple of minutes to warm up the oil and make it easier to drain. Using a top quality synthetic motorcycle oil in Scranton can give you better results, since your motorcycle's engine will be properly lubricated and protected. Bronson Distributors in Scranton, authorized AMSOIL dealers, can help you in this respect. Call them at (570) 309-2102 to get your hands on the best products in the market.

Remove the Battery Before Storing It

One thing that is very important that you remember is that your motorcycle's battery can lose its charge and corrode if its in your motorcycle while it is in storage. For that reason, you should remove it altogether before you put it away. This way, your battery will remain in good condition, and will be able to give you the power you need when the time to ride your motorcycle comes again. It is possible that you will need to recharge your battery a few times during the winter.

Keep the Anti-Freeze in Mind

It's a known fact that liquids freeze when the conditions allow for it. What you may not know, however, is that if the fluids in your motorcycle freeze inside it, it can mean big trouble for it and its performance. For that reason, you should use an anti-freeze that can prevent this disastrous situation. To ensure it will work correctly, however, remember to take a look at it before you store your motorcycle. If it's in the right condition and levels, you're good to go. If it's not, consider replacing it or topping it off.

Keep Your Motorcycle Clean

One step many people neglect when it comes to their motorcycle's maintenance, is its cleanliness. However, it can be more crucial than you know. This is because the dirt, filth, gunk, and more that can accumulate on your motorcycle can actually eat away at it, corrode it, and interfere with its performance. Since your motorcycle will be put away for months, it's a good idea to clean it thoroughly beforehand, to get rid of any dust, dead insects, or other things that could damage it.

Store Your Motorcycle Properly

As a last tip, you should store your motorcycle properly so it has a chance of surviving the harsh winter months intact. To that end, you should first find a place to store it in; a garage would be ideal, since it will shield it from the weather. Also, buy a high quality cover for it, to protect it further from bugs, dust, and moisture. As a final suggestion, put your motorcycle on a stand, to release some of the pressure off the tires and keep them from flattening during storage.

Do You Need a Highest Quality Synthetic Motorcycle Oil in Scranton?

Rest assured that if you need a synthetic oil to protect your motorcycle's engine, Bronson Distributors in Scranton has just what you need. Contact them (570) 309-2102 to learn more about AMSOIL and the benefits of using their high quality products. You also have the option to browse the online store if you're ready to place an order for the most effective synthetic motorcycle oil in Scranton. 


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